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Missionary Story

Lord, I can’t do this. This is not what I signed up for.” That’s was my conversation with God two months into my missionary call here in Korea. The biggest reason I had come to Korea was
the opportunity to teach religion class, but soon after I started that would change.

I answered the call to be a Missionary English teacher, this meant I would teach English classes and have the opportunity to teach Religion classes to help people understand the Bible.
When I arrived at my assigned school I was excited to know that I would be teaching the religion classes. In my religion class were ladies who attended a church but didn’t usually read the Bible for themselves and one lady didn’t believe in God but was curious enough to consistently attend the
daily classes. God blessed these classes, the ladies were engaged and interested. They were
inspired to read the Bible personally.

Shortly after I started I was informed that the school would expand to include full-time kindergarten, as well as the after-school program and adult classes. I had been assigned to teach
full-time kindergarten (three and four year olds). The change in the schedule meant I wouldn’t be able to teach the religion class. Cue the panic and my conversation with God. I didn’t come here to teach children that young. What did I know about three year olds? I wasn’t experienced or qualified
for this. And I came here to teach religion class!

It took some adjusting, more training and even more prayer. My daily prayer to God is to have a genuine love for the children. Another prayer is to show me how to include teaching them
about God with the language barrier. Daily God answers these prayers. We started doing morning worship, learning songs about God and I teach them Bible stories in simple, creative and
interactive ways so they understand and I pray He fills the language gaps. I can’t say that God has helped because He does all the work! I am just an inadequate tool.

Four and half months into teaching my class I love it. Each day still has challenges but I am reminded of God’s power when one of the children, whilst working, absently starts singing “My God
is so big, so strong and so mighty! There is nothing that He cannot do!”